Pikeville Equipment, Inc.

About Us

Pikeville Equipment Inc is  was founded in 1936 by Russel F. Angstadt, father of Roger, David, and Donald Angstadt. They currently have 20 people employed in various areas of Sales, Parts, Ag & Lawn Service, and Administration. The business was started in a small barn just 100 yards from the present main facility that was built in 1960. Over the years, as the business grew, additional storage and warehousing areas were constructed.









The history of this family owned business dates back to before the turn of the century.  Morris Fretz, grandfather of Russell F. Angstadt started a blacksmith service and farm implement business, which operated from 1880 to 1917.  He was best known for sales for of the single cylinder domestic gasoline engine, which reads, "sold by M D Fretz, Oley, Pa."

The business was operated from 1918 to 1935 by Claude H. Angstadt.  Claude was the son-in-law of M D Fertz and the father of the founder of Pikeville Equipment, Russell F. Angstadt.  Claude continued with the blacksmith work and sold Black Hawk spreaders and assorted horse farm implements. This era of the business saw a change from horse drawn equipment to tractor-powered machinery. The business did not survive the hard times of the depression and was forced to close in 1935. 

In 1936, Pikeville Implement Shop was formed by Russell F. Angstadt and the first John Deere tractor was sold. It was a non-styled model B tractor. The model B tractor was repurchased in 1966 and is on display at the facility. The business was operating out of the original barn and blacksmith shop til 1959, then a move was made to a completely new facility, 100 yards up the road.  The business was incorporated in 1974 and named Pikeville Equipment, Inc.